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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1) How does this site work?

This website is all about saving you time and money. Here's 4 good reasons to join and get the advanced membership upgrade:

    a) With the advanced membership, you don't have to copy and paste html code into your links pages, upload those files to your server and send an email to each prospective link partner. These things are all done by the site automatically with the advanced membership!

    b) After you have exchanged links, you can verify your backlinks with the advanced membership backlink checker. You'll be able to easily hide or delete links in your link directory which no longer link back to your website.

    c) You don't have to buy a link directory software program for your site. The Link-Exchangers script will make your directory look like part of your original website design. Any 3rd party link directory program will have its own set of templates and your link directory won't have the look and feel of your website! So why purchase a program when our advanced membership does everything a program does and makes your directory look like part of a your site's design ?

    d) Also, A 3rd party software program for creating a link directory is just a software program. They don't include a directory like with hundreds of webmasters that are eager to exchange links!

2) How do I make link requests?

To make link requests, all you do is login to your account, and click the link for Directory browsing. You simply click on a category and search for a website that you like, and click the link that says "Request Link Exchange". This goes for the regular FREE membership and the Advanced membership as well.

3) What's the difference between the regular membership and the advanced membership?

With the regular FREE membership, you may exchange links with any member in the site by manually copying and pasting the other members linking code onto your links page and uploading that file to your server. This may be any page from your website. While this may give you more freedom where to place links, it will take you much longer to get links. With the FREE membership, will be able to recognize the link on ANY page of your site as long as you correctly pasted the other member's linking code onto your page, and placed the correct url for that page into the field used when trading links. The site will email the other webmaster of your link request. If your link request is declined by the other member, you'll have to manually remove their link from your links page and reupload your file to your server.

With the Advanced membership, there is no copying and pasting of other member's linking code necessary. You receive the software script to create a link directory on your site and automate the process of getting links. Webmasters will be able to request a link exchange through the fill in form at your website, or by signing up at and requesting a link through the directory. You'll be able to create categories for all your links. Your links and categories will be stored in a mysql database on your server as well as on the master database at

4) Do I have to download and install anything to use Link-Exchangers?

If you remain a FREE Member, there is nothing to download.

If you wish to become an Advanced Member and get access to all the special features that will allow you to put your link directory on automatic, you'll need to download the script and upload it to your server. Once installed you'll be able to manage your Link Directory from the members area.

5) How long will it take me to setup my Link-Exchangers account and links pages ?

For the FREE Membership you only need to register which takes a few minutes.

To set up each Advanced Membership site will take about 15-20 minutes depending on how many categories and subcategories you add to your link directory. The setup instructions will be emailed to you immediately after your upgrade your account. However, if you need to see them, click here.

6) What should I should do before registering ?

If you want the advanced membership so you don't have to create links the old way, (i.e. cut and paste html code, upload files, etc.) check with your web host and be sure that you have a mysql database available and that your host allows remote connections to your database. Many hosts use the CPanel software and you must enable the Link-Exchangers IP address under access hosts by entering and clicking on add host in your mysql database maintenance screen. Other hosts have a different way of enabling remote access. So check with your host if you aren't sure how this works.

7) What are the known servers which will NOT work with ?

If your website is hosted on Ipowerweb, GoDaddy, Ixhosting, Dot5Hosting or any other host that does not allow a remote connection to access your MySQL database, your site will not work with

8) If I don't have the remote access capability at my host, what should I do ?

Link-Exchangers has launched its own webhosting site which is Solutions Web Hosting. We offer affordable web hosting plans ($12/year for full fledged cPanel hosting with Fantastico!) which will accomdate remote access with no problem.

9) How will I know my link is still up on their site? If you have a FREE Membership you will need to manually check all sites where you exchanged links to verify your backlinks. If you are an Advanced Member you can use the Reciprocal Link Checker tool to make sure all your links are still linking back to you. This is done by with just a few clicks.

10) My site is a subdomain. Will it work here?

No, unfortunately those don't work here.

11) Do I need to know HTML to use Link-Exchangers?

No. It's helpful to know some basic HTML, but setting up your link directory is very easy to do. Once your script is installed, simply create some categories for the types of link partners you are seeking and they will be added to your link directory. You can preview your html pages while you create the categories.

12) Can I make my links pages look like the other pages on my website?

Yes. You can have your Link Directory blend in seamlessly with the look and feel of your web site. Simply take a page from your site and strip out the text in the main body of the page. In its place insert the #TABLE# tag and then save the file as template.htm in your links directory. It replaces the exising file that is there when you upload the files. You can change the text font, text color, # of links per page, etc. of your directory, and you can also use CSS from within your Advanced Member area. There is a how to video available on this at the support site.

13) Do I have to have cookies enabled to use Link-Exchangers?

No. We do not use cookies.

How do I work with my links pages?

All you need to do is login to Link-Exchangers and click on manage categories/preview. From there you can add categories and subcategories and view your directory pages while you create them. You can also click on 'Link files settings' so you can change the background, font type, size, color, # of links on a page, etc.

14) How much control will I have over my links?

You have full control over your link directory. You set your filters for the types of sites which you are interested in receiving link requests for your directory. It's completely up to you whether to accept or reject the link requests from other members. Just remember that your scoring factor takes into consideration the number of links you have accepted and the number of links you have rejected. The score barometer is the happy face next to every site. :)

15) How do I point my website visitors to my links pages?

All you need to do is create a link on your Home page that points to your directory index page: It is required that all members have a link on their home page to their link directory so that links pages are included at Google and other search engines.

16) Can have more than one domain listed at Link-Exchangers?

Yes, however you only need to register once. Simply login to your account and click the 'My Websites' link and then click on 'Add New Website'. You may add as many web sites as you wish, and you may upgrade other sites to the advanced membership if you wish.

17) What are the system requirements to become an Advanced Member at Link-Exchangers?

The requirements are PHP and MySQL to be supported by your server. Nearly all servers have this, but if you aren't sure, please check your hosts online documentation, or simply call your host's support department and ask them. If they don't have this then it's time to find another hosting company. Also, the host must permit a remote connection to your mysql database. The advanced features will not function without this capability, so be sure you ask how to enable remote access for your mysql databases for a particular IP address.

18) Do I need to be a paid member to exchange articles?

All members may exchange articles. As soon as you register you can add your articles and start requesting article exchanges with other sites in our database. This is helpful for your interior pages of your website.

19) I'm having trouble completing the Advanced Members setup. Will you help me complete this? Is there a charge for this? Yes, we will install the script to your server and there is no charge to get your directory configured. If you wish our assistance with this please subscribe at the help desk (you must create a username and password here) and submit a ticket for this. The help desk is located at here. Be sure to include all the information fields in the ticket so we may access your control panel, your database, etc.

After your Link Directory has been set up please take a moment to login and change your password. Also, be sure setup your filters the way you want them and create your categories.

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