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From: Scot King
Costa Mesa, CA
July 1, 2006

verybody knows that to achieve a top ranking in the major search engines, you need to get lots links to your site. Having lots of relevant links pointing to your site can help your pages link popularity factor, and this is an important ranking criteria used by the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You won't find a more qualified customer for your site than someone who searched for you at a search engine and found your site. The primary key to getting a high ranking is to get as many links as you can and have a mechanism to facilitate the link process for people interested in linking to your site.

Some keyword phrases require more links to achieve the same results. For example, a site on search engine optimization has to compete with over 102,000,000 websites per Google, (highly competitive) On the other hand, a website on the California gnatcatcher has only about 342,000 websites competing for this phrase. It's much easier to get the #1 position in Google for the California gnatcatcher than it is for search engine optimization. You'll be pleasantly surprised what a few hundred links can do for your site's ranking when your inbound links say "California Gnatcatcher" in your anchor text. This is what the engines look at to determine where you rank among the other sites competiting for the same phrase.

Generally, the more links you have pointing to your site, the higher your ranking will be in the engines. You'll have more visibility, and correspondingly more clicks to your site, and if you're selling anything, this will mean more money in your pocket! :) This said, why is it seemingly so difficult to get link partners? Reciprocal linking has always been a tedious and time consuming chore. Here are the steps you have to go through with the FREE regular LinkExchangers membership :

1) First you login to your account at LinkExchangers.
2) Then you locate a website in the directory that you'd like to share a link with.
3) Next you have to manually add a link to their website on your links page with the webmasters linking code. (copy and paste)
4) Then you have to upload your links page to your server.
5) Then you copy the url location of their link on your site into the form and click the send link request button. This will shoot them an email informing them of your posted link and of your desire to share a link with their site.
6) If they're willing to share a link with you, they will create a link on their site to back to yours.
7) They will upload their links page to their server if they are also doing manual links.
8) Finally they will place their link url to your site into the form if they are linking manually and click the "accept link exchange" button. Link-Exchangers will email you to let you know that your link has been added to their directory.

Now this does get the job done, however to get enough link partners to start making a real difference in your rankings requires a big time committment and lots of repetition which can become very tiring very quickly... Any webmaster may join and exchange links manually under the regular FREE membership. Since everyone is here to exchange links, your job in finding link partners related to your niche is greatly simplified. Most webmasters are willing to share links with other websites they feel are related to their site.

With the LinkExchangers Advanced membership, the task of requesting links with other websites is greatly streamlined. The entire process is done in 3 clicks! One click to select a site, one click to select the category for the site, and one final click to post the link automatically to your links page and automatically send an email to the webmaster about your link request ! It just doesn't get ANY easier than that my friend! You have the ability to set filters for the categories of websites that you'd be interested in exchanging links with for your site. You'll receive emails from these types of websites or you can seek them out yourself.

Accepting the link request under the advanced membership is done with one click of your mouse. All website linking information including your title, url, and site description is stored securly in the LinkExchangers database. Your link information will be added to the website owner's link directory immediately upon their accepting your request if they are using the advanced membership. Otherwise, they'll simply add your advanced membership link request manually under the regular membership.

Click below to see a quick video for each type of membership.

Click here to watch a movie about the old way of exchanging links.

Click here to see the way of exchanging links.

Advanced Membership Features

  1. Automate your link trading process & easily quadruple the number of links you get each day!
  2. You have full control of which sites to pick for link trading and it's fully managed by you.
  3. You set up your own Link Directory or we will install the script on your server for you and you create your own categories and sub-categories.
  4. The Reciprocal Link Checker tool will verify that your links are still on their site with just a few clicks. If any are missing you may hide the link from your directory until they put your link back or you can just delete the link from your directory.
  5. Anyone visiting your site from outside may add their link to your site with the fill in form available on your link directory. This will save you hours of time by not having to manually add these link requests! You simply login to inspect these site added links and verify that you wish to retain them in your directory.
  6. Data Base Backup: All your data is stored on the Link-Exchangers master database as well as your own mySQL database on your server.You may restore your mySQL data base at any time should the need ever arise.
  7. Links Listing: A detailed list of all the sites listed under different categories for easy link trading.
  8. Administer Categories: You can add, edit, delete link-categories on your site and manually add a link as well.
  9. Link Page Options: You may set various options for your link pages including: Link display order, Category display order, Category details, Sub-Category details, Link description, Number of links to be displayed per page, Link-category and link formatting (i.e: color, Background and CSS styles.)
  10. Easily install the script to your server and be running your own link directory in 15 minutes or less.
  11. Fully Customize your link directory: You can customize your advanced member link directory to fit into your present web site design so it has an easy flow to the directory.

Link-exchangers is very Powerful, and it will allow you to save hours of your time that you spend working on your Link Directory. It's fast, easy, and the best way to Exchange Quality Links with other Quality sites, and you have full control over the entire Link Exchange Process.

UPGRADE TO ADVANCED MEMBERSHIP TODAY and watch your search engines rankings increase or your money back!

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